About us

Who We Are

LevelOneIT is established to help qualified, certified and skilled IT graduates engaged in real IT jobs. All of our team members are trained in TechSkills (www.techskills.institute) with highest level of hands-on training on various IT areas. The quality of our work is monitored and maintained by Active IT (www.activeit.com.au).

We strive to create difference by providing unmatched service solutions. We cover a wide range of business needs and provide top notched IT services at rock bottom prices, because we have the resources and we can do it. 

How We Started?

We were once IT graduates too, struggling to get a job in the IT field. We were all passionate about IT and we were determined and single-minded about getting an IT job.

Securing our first IT jobs was very difficult because we lacked the necessary skills. Many of us worked without pay for months to gain technical experience.

We have learned and experienced hard way so now would like to create opportunities so that students do not have to go through same ways we had to. Level One IT is setup to create opportunities for IT students.